Available Positions

Can I choose the store I work in?

If possible, we will match you to the store location of your preference. Anderson Food Shops will assign you to a store that has an open position best meeting your needs. Every effort will be made to assign you to a location reasonably close to where you live.

Will I have an opportunity to work weekends and holidays?

Yes. Most Anderson Food Shops are always open, and that means store team members will be scheduled on weekends. Each member of the store team will contribute to help service our customers. If your normally scheduled shift falls on a holiday, you can work and earn time and one half for most holidays, with double time pay for Christmas and New Years holidays.

How often will I get paid?

Everyone is paid bi-weekly through direct deposit. Sales commission for Store Management Teams are distributed monthly.

How long does it take to get promoted?

It depends on available positions, your performance and your potential. The typical time frame for advancement into an Assistant Manager position is 6-18 months. This often occurs when the company grows through the addition of new locations.

What do I have to do to get promoted?

A number of key factors are evaluated. These include (not limited to) customer service skills, experience and work performance.

Will I get a meal break?

Anderson Food Shops will pay for 1 meal period (up to 20 minutes) and 2 break periods (up to 10 minutes/each) as long as you stay on the store property and remain available in the case of a busy situation.

How often are pay raises given?

Compensation increases are available through Performance Based Increases. Performance based increases can be recommended by the Store Manager at any time (based upon performance and subject to approval).

What is the Dress Code?

Store team members need to be professional yet comfortable. Anderson Food Shops provides multiple free clothing option incentives to new staff members. Khaki slacks and shorts (no jeans) meet our company’s high professional standards. We are proud about the appearance of the staff members who wait on our customers.

What kind of security measures do you have?

Anderson Food Shops are very concerned about the security of the store team members and customers. All stores contain bright lights and current state of the art technology in video systems. The high volume of traffic that comes through our facilities combined with visibility on major metropolitan intersections makes security a minor issue.

Will I have to work a lot of overtime?

Sales Associates are only scheduled to work a maximum of 40 hours/week. Extra shifts are occasionally available for those who want to volunteer for additional work. Of course, all hours worked over 40 during a week are paid time and one half. Assistant Managers are scheduled at 45 hours/week. Store Managers are scheduled at 50 hours/week.

Will I have fun?

Yes. Our high professional standards in regards to our interaction with customers combined with a terrific staff ensure a great work environment.



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